Materials Handling & Logistics

Centralized Robotics Pelletizing

Centralised Robotic Palletising is a flexible approach to addressing fluctuating production requirements, controlling input costs and increasing the quality of packaged products. A centralised palletising solution is customisable to match requirements and can cater for any quantity of inbound products of varying shapes and sizes from single line to multi-line feed conveyers. Products conveyed into one consolidated production area can contain single or multiple robots depending on requirements.

End of Line Pelletizing

A Robotic End-of-Line (EOL) palletising system can make a significant difference in your production rates and your cost effectiveness.

Xera robotics EOL robotic palletising system provides the flexibility to palletise single or multiple production lines simultaneously, markedly increasing output and decreasing overhead costs. The flexibility of the design allows multiple smaller cells to be installed in existing palletising areas, or product can be conveyed to a centralised area for palletising by a larger cell.

Design flexibility enables the robotic EOL palletiser to be integrated into your existing production space, allowing installation and commissioning with minimum disruption.


Manufacturing processes hinge on the efficiency of conveyors, for product transfer and output levels as well as overall manufacturing productivity.

Storage & Retrieval Systems

Xera robotics can provide automated storage and retrieval solutions for all applications including cool room storage. Automated storage solutions allow for utilisation of space that would not have been used efficiently otherwise, allowing for storage of goods in places that are difficult or dangerous for staff to access due to height or location.

Automating your storage and retrieval systems provides accurate data logging, real-time location, and product counts. Automated processes ensure goods are correctly picked according to order and expiry date requirements, helping to reduce stock wastage.

Stretch Wrapping

Manually stretch wrapping pallets is a time-consuming process. Automated stretch wrappers provide a more consistent and secure wrap for your pallet, which provides better protection for your product and reduces plastic film costs with improved film stretch and application.

The increased efficiency removes bottlenecks from your production processes whilst eliminating the risk of back and upper limb strain.

High Speed Picking

High-speed on your creation line give adaptable creation and expanded efficiency. Incorporated with a camera based investigation framework, fast pickers offer a novel mix of reasonableness, execution and adaptability. XERA Robotics Automation and Robotics (already MAR) have worked with market pioneers needing to exploit fast picking machines for creation lines, sparing them important time and cash.


  • Expanded Production Rates– Fast pick and spot robots meet the speed producing lines can convey, with some working at in excess of 120 pieces for every moment per picking robot
  • Reduction Costs– Can more than divide the picking costs contrasted and before arrangements, in view of the single pick-and-spot guideline.
  • Expanded Flexibility– Picking robots and frameworks would now be able to make some recompense memories as low as one year.
  • Tweak to meet your interesting necessities– Fast picking robots can suit payloads up to 40kg, are accessible as treated steel wash-down models for clean applications and can have a scope to the extent 1500mm.