Track and Trace

very parcel sent from an Mail Boxes Etc. centre is electronically tagged allowing it to be tracked and traced along its journey.

“It’s in the mail”. We all know and understand the weaknesses of sending things via post. And if it gets lost well, that’s it. It’s lost. So more and more savvy businesses are turning to MBE centers to send their urgent or ultra-important documents and parcels. Simply by going to the web, you can see where your parcel is and even who ultimately signed for it.

This is particularly important for international consignments. With the mail it is handed over to another postal authority and control is lost. With an international courier company, the parcel is handled by the same organization from beginning to end. Responsibility rests with a single carrier.
So the next time you have an urgent or important consignment to send, bring it to MBE. We know which carrier is the best for each destination and you can have the comfort and peace of mind of on-line tracking.